• Dillon 4-pac  Primer Pickup Tubes
    Dillon 4-pac Primer Pickup Tubes

    The secret of really punching out a lot of rounds in a hurry. Have these tubes filled and ready to go. There are tubes for small diameter primers and large diameter primers.

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  • SDB Spare Parts Kit
    SDB Spare Parts Kit

    Don't risk downtime waiting for a replacement parts!

    from28.00 EUR
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  • Dillon Case Feeder Plate
    Dillon Case Feeder Plate

    Small Pistol .32, .380, 9mm, .38 Super, .30 Carbine

    Large Pistol .40 S&W, 10 mm, .38 Special and larger, 7.62 x 39

    Small Rifle .204 Ruger, .222, .223 Remington

    Large Rifle .22-250 and larger

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    Dillon Precision Primer Magazine Tube Small SD / RL550/ Super 1050

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  • SDB Machine Maintenance Kit
    SDB Machine Maintenance Kit

    Don't risk downtime waiting for a replacement parts!

    This kit contains,  4 SD Wave Bearings, 1 SD Detent Ball, 1 SD Ejector Wire, 2 Magazine Orifices (small), 2 Magazine Orifices (large), 1 SD Slide Return Spring,  1 Toolhead Friction Pale, 2 Pistol Decapping Pins, 1 Bellcrank Cube, 2 Pickup Tube Tips large (green tipped), 2 Pickup Tube Tips small (yellow tipped), 4 Locator Pins(one each #s 1,2,3,4), 1 SD Shellplate Bolt, 1 SD Index Lever Assembly, 1 Primer Seat Punch Spring, 1 Small Primer Seat Punch, 1 Large Primer Seat Punch, 1 tinnerman insert, 1 indexer return Spring, 2 pickup Tube Retaining Clips, 1 dispensing tip (Large), 1 dispensing tip (Small), 1 spacer bar retaining plug

    Everything you need to keep your Dillon loader cleaned and lubricated up to factory specifications. Includes the spare parts kit for your machine.
    Note : The aerosol inside makes it impossible to ship this by air.

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  • Dillon RF100 Automatic  Primer Filler
    Dillon RF100 Automatic Primer Filler

    Dillon's RF 100 Automatic Primer Filler eliminates the task of filling primer pick up tubes. Now you simply pour your primers from their box into the top, press the blue button and watch it run!No need to purchase additional primer pickup tubes.

    In about two minutes the primers are inside the protective metal housing. In that time you have already loaded 30 rounds, the RF 100 is doing the work for you.

    The RF 100 is available for either large or small primers, and conversion kits are available.

    from379.00 EUR
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  • Dillon Powder Measure Knob
    Dillon Powder Measure Knob

    Powder measure knob for the Dillon Powder thrower with click for easy adjustment.

    Unlike other competitors, this knob is laser etched with 50 graduations giving the user reference points when adjusting. Two steel spring loaded balls generate smooth and repetable clicks. Easy to setup between multiple loads or even calibres, very precise 50 clicks per turn. Testing on pistol powders one click increments is about 0.015 grains. This is a very precise setting. 

    Simple installment and a tremendous help for if you are using different loads with visual scale.

    The Dillon Factory screw requires a wrench when adjusting the amount of powder to dispense in your powder thrower. This knob is labeled with graduations for orientation and easily allows the user to hand adjust the powder dispenser without the need for tools. Works on Dillon 1050, 650,550, SDB and 900 presses.

    Both parts are made from aircraft grade aluminum - anodized black color

    1 x laser etched knob assembly consisting of one knob frame and one adjusting knob

    1 x allen wrench for the grub-screws to fasten

    Dillon Powder Bar shown only for reference and is NOT included.


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  • Decapping PIN LEE
    Decapping PIN LEE

    Lee Replacement decapping pin for Decapping Die (#90292)

    from8.00 EUR
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  • MTM Mini Digital Scale, Red #DS-750
    MTM Mini Digital Scale, Red #DS-750

    DS-750 Mini Digital Reloading Scale

    Mini Digital Reloading Scale From first time reloaders to competitive gun and archery shooters, MTM Case-Gard™ introduces a pocket sized scale that is sure to satisfy all level of sportsmen. 

    • Easy to read, backlit LCD display.
    • Powder pan, custom designed to facilitate bullet, powder and arrow weighing.
    • Extended, 3 minute auto shut-off, most scales turn off after 30 seconds.
    • Up to 750 grain capacity.
    • Plus or minus .2 grain accuracy.
    • Measures in grains, grams, carats and ounces.
    • Stainless steel sensory platform.
    • Plastic sensory cover that doubles as large powder pan.
    • Calibration weight and detailed instructions included.
    • A high-quality, foam lined case for permanent storage and protected travel.
    • Not recomended for tricle powder charging, we recomend a plug-in scale for that.
    • Uses 2 AAA batteries(included) which are easy find.

    Great for the reloading bench or a well equipped shooting box, the DS-750 is packed with features that shooting sportsmen needs.

    from50.00 EUR
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