• Carbide sizing die 9mm Luger
    Carbide sizing die 9mm Luger

    Carbide sizing die 9MM Luger Carbide Full Length only. No case lube needed.

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  • 100 pcs gauge with special tool
    100 pcs gauge with special tool

    Gauge with flip tray for gauging ammo on size and primer seating with 100 at once and with the help of the flip tray you can put them directly in your MTM 100 cases or Dillon Precision ammo boxes. 


    If you are serious about shooting, you are probably a reloader. So you are serious about gauging your ammo too. This tool will save you a lot of time, it will gauge 100 cartriges of 9mm Luger at once and with a twist and a flip you have all your ammunition nice and neat in boxes, ready for the range or storage.

    Precision machined from Aluminium, black anodized.

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  • Shell sorter 3 piece set
    Shell sorter 3 piece set

    The Shell Sorter™ is a simple product designed to reduce the time spent sorting brass by caliber, allowing you to enjoy more time reloading and shooting.

    The Sorter simply sits on top of a common 5 gallon bucket, with a few shakes your brass is sorted by caliber. The Shell Sorter™ is comprised of three pans designed to sort several common calibers.

    The three main calibers that most reloaders sort are 45 ACP, 40 S&W, and 9mm. We have labeled the sorters according to those three main calibers. The sorters do sort many more calibers!

    The fastest way to sort is to stack all three of the pans together with the yellow pan on top, and the black on the bottom, in that way all your brass is sorted at the same time.

    If you sort before tumbling as is recommended, most shells that are inside of each other will come apart with the shaking and are sorted correctly. However, if you tumble first, those are likely to jam together with small bits of media, and sometimes those require pliers.

    The sorters can also take the place of your media sifter. Just tumble, pour your brass into the appropriate sorter(s), shake a bit, your media is in the bucket, and your brass is ready for the next step.

    You can use this on the range so that you only bring home brass in the calibers that you reload.

    The Shell Sorter™ is made of ABS, a very strong plastic which will give a lifetime of service. We placed a sorter underneath a car tire, and it didn't break or distort! In fact, it still worked!

    Always wear gloves and a dust mask when working with used brass because of the levels of lead dust present.

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  • Powder Baffle for Dillon Powder Measure with visual alarm.
    Powder Baffle for Dillon Powder Measure with visual alarm.

    Powder Baffle is a must have reloading accessory that dramatically increases powder load consistency and accuracy! 

    When reloading your own ammunition it is common to produce 500 to 1,000 rounds per hour. At this rate your powder reservoir empties pretty fast. The weight of powder in the tube affects how full of a charge your bullets receive. A baffle ensures consistent weight on the powder at the bottom of the reservoir, giving you consistent loads.

    This design eliminates direct weight from the powder in the powder tube reservoir to the charge bar allowing the most consistent and accurate flows. Whether the powder reservoir tube is full, half way or almost empty your averageload should be consistent. 

    Powder Baffle is made from stainless steel.

    Fits on Dillon Auto Powder Measure . It only takes a few seconds to drop it down into the bottom of the Dillon powder hopper. The powder hopper is not modified and your Dillon Warranty will not be effected.

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