100 pcs gauge with special tool

Brand: Armanov, Category: Accessories

Gauge with flip tray for gauging ammo on size and primer seating with 100 at once and with the help of the flip tray you can put them directly in your MTM 100 cases or Dillon Precision ammo boxes. 


If you are serious about shooting, you are probably a reloader. So you are serious about gauging your ammo too. This tool will save you a lot of time, it will gauge 100 cartriges of 9mm Luger at once and with a twist and a flip you have all your ammunition nice and neat in boxes, ready for the range or storage.

Precision machined from Aluminium, black anodized.

100 pcs gauge with special tool 9x19

Code: RC-100g-9mm

Product is avaliable

110.00 EUR

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