Dillon RL550C with caliber conversion kit

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The Dillon RL550C is the most versatile reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line.  It will accommodate the widest variety of cartridges from 32 ACP up to 338 Lapua, 416 Rigby, and 460 Weatherby.

The RL550 has a manually indexed shellplate making it easier to master the various steps of reloading. Manual indexing also gives the operator greater control over each individual step in the loading process. Caliber changes are simple and require fewer parts than other machines which makes it less expensive to convert to another cartridge.

Reloading with Dillon’s RL 550 is Easy as 1-2-3!

Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy their sport, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s RL 550C is the easiest progressive loader in the world to learn to reload with. How can we make that statement? Simple. Since all of the reloading steps are performed with a stroke of the handle, there is less to remember (or forget) than with an old-fashioned single-station press.

Comes with caliber conversion kit for 9MM # 20127, caliber conversion kit .45 ACP #20126 or caliber conversion kit .40SW #20179 .


No dies are included with the RL550!

Dillon RL550C with caliber conversion kit .45 ACP

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Dillon RL550C with caliber conversion kit 9mm 38 super

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Dillon RL550C with caliber conversion kit .40SW

Code: 20179

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