Rudy Project SYNFORM Glasess

Brand: RUDY Project, Category: Glasses

Rudy Project is taking the eyewear industry by storm with their latest one-of-a-kind sunglass design: the Synform™. Built upon 3 years of development with professional athletes and mechanical engineers, the Synform™ is a one of a kind, completely foldable performance sunglass.

Not only is the Synform™ ideal for sport and casual wear, but it comes inside a unique and compact thermoformed case. These glasses fit in any pocket, including the back of a cycling jersey, making them ideal on-the-go eyewear. With 33 parts carefully crafted and assembled by hand, the Synform™’s ground-breaking design will change the eyewear industry forever.

SYNFORM Glasess BLACK ImpX 2 lens

Code: SP3373

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279.00 EUR

SYNFORM spare lens Transparent

Code: LE3311

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29.00 EUR

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