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    Designed by competitive shooters, the Dillon Range Bag is big enough for all your gear and is still easy to carry. One padded outside zipper compartment holds a zipper-closed pistol pouch (included with bag) that is foam padded and lined with soft fabric to protect your gun. Extra pistol pouches are available, making it easy to carry a back up alternate gun. Pouch dimensions are 21,6 cm x 32,4 cm or in inches 8.5" tall x 12 3/4" wide. 
    The other outside zipper compartment opens wide for bulky items like trimmers or chronographs and has two open-top pockets for smaller accessories like ear plugs, timer batteries and target pasters. The double-zippered flap on the cavernous main compartment can be opened wide to accommodate the bulkiest of gear, like ammo boxes, hearing protection, gun belts, holsters, etc. 
    Three inside pockets with hook-and-loop closed flaps help keep everything organized. Also included is a wide, quick-release shoulder strap that will handle the load.

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    Until now, reusing military brass, with its crimped primer pockets, has been a tedious task. The Dillon solution is a remarkably simple device that bolts to your bench and allows you to swage the primer pockets with speed and ease. The case is supported from the inside, so you won't be tearing the rims off the brass. A tool steel, hardened swage rod (easy to change from large to small primers) simply rolls the crimp away. No reaming is necessary. Our unique compound cam leverage system assures not only ease of operation, but perfect alignment with each and every round. Sound simple? It is and it works. What's more, it's inexpensive. The Super Swage 600 comes with large and small swage rods, .22 and .30 caliber backup rods, and a 45ACP adapter. 

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    Square Deal B Caliber Conversions allow you to change from one caliber to another in minutes.  Caliber conversions are available for common straight walled handgun and carbine cartridges from 32 S&W Long through 45 Colt. 

    Conversions include: 

    • carbide size die (except .44-40)
    • expander/powder funnel
    • seat die
    • crimp die
    • shellplate
    • locator buttons
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    Dillon Super 1050
    from2090.00 EUR
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    Dillon XL 650 without case feeder
    Dillon XL 650 without case feeder

    The Dillon XL650 is a high-speed progressive reloading machine designed to load the common rifle and handgun cartridges, from 17 Hornet though 458 Winchester Magnum in rifle, and 32 ACP through 500 S&W in handgun.

    Truly the state of the art, our XL650 features automatic indexing and is capable of producing up to 800 rounds per hour, or more if you are using both the case and bullet feeders. With our quick change caliber conversion kits you can swap the machine from one caliber to the next in less than 10 minutes. The XL650 is available in most popular pistol and rifle calibers.

    The optional Casefeeder ( ) from Dillon Precision will speed up reloading. You can dump clean brass in the Casefeeder and let him do the orientation and distribution of the empty cases instead of doing this by hand. Each Casefeeder ships with one of four Casefeed plates.

    from729.00 EUR
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  • Dillon RL550C
    Dillon RL550C

    The Dillon RL550C is the most versatile reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line.  It will accommodate the widest variety of cartridges from 32 ACP up to 338 Lapua, 416 Rigby, and 460 Weatherby.

    The RL550 has a manually indexed shellplate making it easier to master the various steps of reloading. Manual indexing also gives the operator greater control over each individual step in the loading process. Caliber changes are simple and require fewer parts than other machines which makes it less expensive to convert to another cartridge.

    Reloading with Dillon’s RL 550 is Easy as 1-2-3!

    Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy their sport, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s RL 550C is the easiest progressive loader in the world to learn to reload with. How can we make that statement? Simple. Since all of the reloading steps are performed with a stroke of the handle, there is less to remember (or forget) than with an old-fashioned single-station press.

    No dies are included with the RL550!

    from522.50 EUR
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  • Dillon RL550B caliber conversion kit
    Dillon RL550B caliber conversion kit

    The Dillon RL 550C will produce match-quality ammo for over 160 different rifle and pistol calibers. 

    These kits fit the RL300,  RL450, RL550 series, AT500 and BL 550 machines 

    This kit contains: 

    • Shellplate
    • Powder funnel
    • Locator buttons

    To order choose the right caliber. 

    * Indicates that this cartridge requires use of the Extra large Powder Die #21253 sold separately. 

    from58.30 EUR
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  • Dillon 650 Case Feeder, 220v
    Dillon 650 Case Feeder, 220v

    Electric Case Feed System allows you to simply dump fired, cleaned and deprimed hulls into the bowl.  The Case Feeder orients the hulls right side up and fills the feed tube automatically, turning itself on and off as necessary, to keep the case feed tube full.

    The Casefeeder will hold 600 .38 Special cases or 500 .223 Rem cases. 

    Be aware this casefeeder is without the Case feeder plate that is appropriate for the type of ammunition you wish to reload. See here the Case feeder plate you need. 

    from253.00 EUR
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  • Dillon RL550B Assembly Deluxe Quick Change
    Dillon RL550B Assembly Deluxe Quick Change

    With a quick change assembly and a caliber conversion kit (sold separately), you can convert your RL 550 Series press from one caliber to another in less than a minute. 


    • Powder measure
    • Powder die
    • Toolhead 
    • Toolhead stand
    from135.30 EUR
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  • 1050 TOOLHEAD (assembly)
    1050 TOOLHEAD (assembly)

    Be aware that the ratchet does not interchange between the Super 1050 and the RL1050 due to differences in length. 

    If you have an RL1050, order toolhead #19399 

    from245.30 EUR
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    These lighter weight Aluminum toolheads are machined from billet using the same precise CNC machining as our standard toolheads. Available in four different colors to allow you to quickly differentiate between calibers or load types.

    from42.90 EUR
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  • Dillon XL 650 Machine cover
    Dillon XL 650 Machine cover

    This packcloth nylon machine cover comes equipped with a D-ring, allowing the heavy-duty zipper to be locked.Covers XL650 with or without the case feeder attached. Additionally, use this cover for the RL550 when equipped with the optional handgun caliber case feeder. 

    If you have an XL650 equipped with a Mr. Bulletfeeder, use the 1050 cover. 

    from53.24 EUR
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  • D-Terminator Electronic Scale
    D-Terminator Electronic Scale

    The Dillon D-Terminator Scale is a hi-end professional grade scale. Using new load cell technology and advanced software, this digital scale provides accuracy up to 900 grains at 0.1 grain or 0.01 gram increments. Fast, stable, and accurate! The Dillon D-Terminator Scale is the only one you will want on your reloading workbench.

    Key features:
    900 grain/57 gram capacity
    Accurate to 0.1 grain/0.01 gram
    Supplied with dust/wind shield cover, stainless steel powder pan, including 50 gram calibration weight
    Uses 4 AA batteries (included).

    from192.50 EUR
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  • Dillon RF 100 / Quick Change cover
    Dillon RF 100 / Quick Change cover

    Suitable to cover either the RF 100 primer filler or a quick change, to keep dust off this equipment 

    from33.00 EUR
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  • Dillon Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket RL55
    Dillon Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket RL55

    Dillon Cartridge Case Bin & Bracket.

    Ergonomically designed to cut your workload through economy of motion! Attaches to all Strong-Mount-Equipped RL 550Bs.
    Mounting Hardware

    from33.00 EUR
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  • RL 550B Casefeeder 220 Volt
    RL 550B Casefeeder 220 Volt

    An automatic casefeed system, similar to the one used on Dillon's commercial-grade Super 1050 machine and the XL 650, is now available for YOUR RL 550 series press! You simply dump a quart of cases into the hopper and turn it on. The motor-driven disc fills the case feed tube, a micro-switch shuts off the motor when the tube is full, and automatically restarts it when low. This case feeder only works for the handgun calibers listed under the casefeed caliber conversions. Rifle cases are too tall to feed with this system.

    from346.50 EUR
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  • Dillon XL 650-RL550 Wrenches
    Dillon XL 650-RL550 Wrenches

    This unit includes the complete allen wrench set 

    from38.50 EUR
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  • Dillon Rifle Case Gauges .308
    Dillon Rifle Case Gauges .308

    Rifle headspace case gauges assist in proper size die adjustment and in checking cases for whether they need to be trimmed. Essential for long case life, especially with semi-automatic firearms! Made of stainless steel for long life.

    from39.60 EUR
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