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  • Firearms Traditional Frame MagWell for 1911
    Firearms Traditional Frame MagWell for 1911


    The Infinity Firearms® Magazine well available for traditional single stack 1911 pattern guns demonstrates that it is possible to build a better mousetrap.

    This magazine well attaches to the firearm by means of a specially machined mainspring housing. The lower front portion of the mainspring housing is machined to allow a projection from the magazine well to interlock around the mainspring housing retaining pin.

    Two specially designed bolts "snug up" the mainspring housing are fully captive, which provides a few benefits:

    • The magazine well will remain in place even if these bolts are loosened. The bolts serve to "snug up" the magazine well so there is absolutely no possibility of movement, but do not need to be tightened to hold the mag well in place.
    • These bolts cannot be lost. They are captive, and can only be removed after the magazine well has been removed from the gun.
    • Appearance - the "snake eye" holes used for Allen wrench access to these bolts are much smaller in diameter than the bolts.

    Removal Instructions

    • Insert a 1/16" Allen wrench into each of the snake eye holes, and rotate at least 1/2 turn clockwise. These retaining bolts have a narrow non-threaded section in the middle which bears against the mainspring housing pin when the bolts are rotated counterclockwise. The key here is that you are not "unscrewing" two parts, but shifting an interlocking "key" away from the pin upon which it bears.
    • Drive the mainspring housing out of the gun, by inserting a drift punch into the dimpled end of this pin.
    • Remove the mainspring housing by pulling down.

    Attachment Instructions

    • Since this magazine well overlaps the grips, the grips must be installed before the magazine well.
    • Assemble the gun including the specially machined mainspring housing1, but do not insert the mainspring housing pin.
    • Make sure the two bolts are captive in the magazine well, and adjusted so the mainspring housing retaining pin can move freely without bringing on the bolts. (refer to the top left figure on this page for an example of the proper orientation).
    • Remove the mainspring retaining pin from the magazine well, and place the magazine well on the gun.
    • Insert the mainspring retaining pin, and use a 1/16" Allen wrench in each of the "snake eye" holes to rotate the bolts counter clockwise until they are snug.

    1 - This write up assumes that the reader is already familiar with the procedure for installing the mainspring into the mainspring housing prior to assembly. If you are simply removing and then re-installing an existing Infinity® Traditional Single Stack Magazine Well, the mainspring housing will already contain the mainspring. If you are installing a new mainspring housing, and need to install the mainspring, please consult a reference on 1911 gunsmithing, and re-read the note at the top about eye protection before proceeding.

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  • Trigger 1911
    Trigger 1911


    The ITS® is designed to provide you with the flexibility to change the trigger profile "to fit you," without having to disassemble the firearm.

    If you look closely you will see the ITS® trigger is a two-part assembly, an insert base that is attached to the trigger bow and the insert, held in place by the over travel adjustment setscrew and three interlocking tangs. If you desire to change the trigger insert to a different style, be it long, short, flat or curved, or the universal insert--you must first REMOVE THE MAGAZINE RELEASEprior to turning the setscrew clockwise approximately three or four complete rotations to release the insert.

    Approximately five or six threads of the 4-40 setscrew will be visible on the magazine release side of the base. Do not attempt to unscrew the setscrew completely out of the base. After rotation of the setscrew simply slide the insert to the left or right until the interlocking tangs are released.

    Three of the interchangable trigger bows with the inserts removed.

    Use a gentle even pressure, making note that the insert is sliding evenly through the base. Install the insert of your choosing by aligning the three locking tangs and evenly sliding the new insert in place. Be sure that the new insert is centered horizontally in the base.

    During manufacturing a removable threadlock adhesive is placed on the magazine release side of the over travel adjustment setscrew (while the magazine release is removed) to prohibit rotation due to vibration. If you choose to add additionalremovable adhesive, DO NOT ALLOW any adhesive to migrate to the insert side of the insert base.

    Rotate the setscrew approximately three or four complete rotations counterclockwise and test the interlocking of the insert by gently attempting to slide it horizontally (left or right). Reinstall the magazine release assembly and tune the over travel adjustment to allow for approximately 0.015 inch travel (over travel) after the hammer falls.

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  • Hammer pin
    from10.00 EUR
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  • Sear Infinity
    from50.00 EUR
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  • Pin kit Infinity
    Pin kit Infinity

    -sear pi

    -hammer pin

    -ms housing retainer pin

    - mainspring cap pin

    - ejector roll pin

    -strut pin

    - link pin

    from30.00 EUR
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  • Mag 170 SVI 9MM, 38 super
    Mag 170 SVI 9MM, 38 super

    Standard length for full size grip and common for IDPA and IPSC. Complete magazines Tuned for Infinity Competition (wide body) guns. Price includes an Aluminum basepad.

    from190.00 EUR
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  • Magazine spring Infinity 9mm
    Magazine spring Infinity 9mm

    Magazine spring Infinity 9mm

    from15.00 EUR
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  • Wide Frame Safety 1911 & 2011
    Wide Frame Safety 1911 & 2011

    Stainless steel INFINITY frame safety.

    from189.00 EUR
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