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  • JP Silent captured spring AR 9mm system
    JP Silent captured spring AR 9mm system

    9mm AR Enhanced Version

    The 9mm Silent Captured Spring is a drop-in component that softens recoil and reduces cycling noise and vibration in your 9mm carbine. The result is a refined rifle that's a pleasure to shoot. Paired with our 9mm bolt assembly, you have the most reliable 9mm operating system available.

    The 9mm Enhanced Version provides the same buffering mass as our standard 9mm SCS. At the same time, we've increased overall bolt mass slightly with more room for increased weight if needed. The result is even softer recoil thanks to a further delay in blowback.

    The Enhanced Version 9mm SCS is the best option for reliability and durability with hotter ammunition. It's also the best pairing for use with non-JP bolt assemblies where a central mass needs to be removed. Removing this mass reduces overall reliability from the operating system, which can be offset by the addition weight in the SCS.

    Package includes spring and instruction sheet.


    • Simple, drop-in installation
    • Quieter, smoother operation thanks to reduced vibration and friction
    • Softened recoil, both felt and actual
    • Completes the roller-bearing-like perfection of the JP operating system
    • Sufficient deadblow effect to avoid bolt bounce
    • Mass tunable via alternate masses
    • Enhanced reliability and durability when shooting hotter loads
    • Best SCS option for use with non-JP 9mm bolt assemblies
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  • JP GEN 2 AR-15 Silent Captured Spring
    JP GEN 2 AR-15 Silent Captured Spring

    GEN 2 AR-15 Silent Captured Spring Builder with Alternative Spring Pack

    Standard Version

    Includes SCS unit, five alternative weight springs and spacer to allow for installation in both carbine- and rifle-length buffer tubes.


    The JPSCS2-15 will not function with older Primary Weapon Systems (PWS) bolt carriers. The design of the carrier will prevent the rifle from cycling.

    from18.00 EUR
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  • JP Recoil Eliminator 1/2x28tpi, '750
    JP Recoil Eliminator 1/2x28tpi, '750

    Recoil Eliminators

    Whether you're an practical rifle competitor, a varmint hunter, a member of a special military or police tactical team or just a plinker, sight recovery is the name of the game. Lower the recoil and you reduce muzzle flip, which leads to faster sight recovery and faster follow-up shots. Every compensator operates on this principle, but none can match the classic JP Recoil Eliminator. This design has been with us almost as long as JP has been in business. "Radical performance" was the goal then--it was the 90s, remember--and that still holds today with the Recoil Eliminator still providing the fastest possible sight recovery and the highest level of recoil reduction of any device on the market, including our own line of compensators.

    Functional above all else, the brake's broad baffle surfaces redirect the vast majority of muzzle gases out to the sides with each shot. This actually drives the rifle forward during fire, counteracting the rearward recoil impulse for both minimized overall movement and muzzle flip coupled with reduced fatigue from constant fire, particularly with large-bore rifles. The JPRE also shapes these gases so as to spare the shooter from any concussion as well as the annoyance of thrown dust when shooting off a bipod.

    A better shooting experience in every way; that's what the Recoil Eliminator delivers. Over two decades of reviews and match wins tell the tale.

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  • JP Enhanced Gas Ring 223
    JP Enhanced Gas Ring 223

    JP .223 Enhanced Gas Rings

    As a replacement for traditional three-piece gas rings, the JPEGR-223 utilizes a one-piece design similar to the McFarland rings. Unlike the McFarland rings, though, our precision-ground gas rings are engineered to precisely suit small-frame carrier group components such as our own JP EnhancedBolt™.

    After testing numerous minute grind callouts, the final JP Enhanced Gas Rings spec is the perfect balance of a solid gas seal with a very low-friction relationship between rings and bolt carrier. Reducing the resistance between these components directly results in an overall increase in the rifle's operational window while the edge of the rings utilizes the cycling action itself to scrape the walls of the carrier, helping shed fouling with every shot.

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  • JP Enhanced reduced power Ar15 trigger spring set
    JP Enhanced reduced power Ar15 trigger spring set

    JP Enhanced Reliability Spring Kit

    This spring kit will yield a 3.5-4.0 lb. trigger pull with JP Fire Control parts. This kit is intended for use with JP trigger parts and will not necessarily yield substantial change on standard AR-15 trigger components. 

    Application: Use of this spring kit allows for use of ammunition with low-sensitivity primers such as those found in NATO-spec and various foreign-manufactured ammunitions, but in the case of large-frame ARs and duty/defense rifles, domestic-manufactured ammo is strongly recommended to ensure 100% ignition reliability.

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