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  • Gun Cloth POLYKREPP
    Gun Cloth POLYKREPP

    Polykrepp gun cloths, for cleaning, lubricating and wiping off excess oils.  

    from4.00 EUR
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  • Safety flag
    Safety flag

    RC Rifle flag .. A must for every shooter on the range.

    No doubt about the condition of the gun, a flag in the action and the rangemaster is sure the gun is unloaded.

    from4.00 EUR
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  • Cesar-shop T-shirt with your name and flag
    Cesar-shop T-shirt with your name and flag


    By ordering custom T-shirt deliver time is 30-45 days

    Please write your name and the name of the country you want to be written on T-shirt, if it is different than written on your order. Otherwise we will use the name and the name of the country as written on your order.

    from50.00 EUR
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  • Base pads +2 RC for Mec-GAR Magazins
    Base pads +2 RC for Mec-GAR Magazins

    Our own CNC cut base pads that are in the colors Black, Orange, Red, Blue and Silver anodized.

    They give the magazine a +2 capacity. 

    No special spring needed just use your own standard magazine spring.

    from15.00 EUR
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  • Standard box CESAR-Shop
    Standard box CESAR-Shop

    Standard division box IPSC-IDPA

    Precision cut in acrylic glass.

    225mm x 150mm x 45mm (tolerance of +1 mm, -0 mm).

    from59.90 EUR
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  • CARITOOL tool holder- for belt
    CARITOOL tool holder- for belt

    Detailed description


    • Tools accessed and organized with one hand
    • Flat top aids in sorting attached gear
    • Small hole on top for attaching keeper cord to tools
    • Slips through the waistbelt slots or on the harness straps and stays in place, thanks to its stabilizing clip
    from11.90 EUR
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  • Rifle Bag for AR15-  black
    Rifle Bag for AR15- black

    Rifle Bag for AR15 - 85cm angled top black or 100cm 

    L: 85/100 cm

    H: 28cm

    from39.00 EUR
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  • IPSC target
    from16.00 EUR
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  • NewRC Tech  WATERPROOF CASE for 1 or 2 guns
    RC Tech WATERPROOF CASE for 1 or 2 guns

    RC Tech Hard Case Small are IP67 certified, tough, durable and reliable. They may be used in a variety of applications, ranging from firearms and valuable transport, to marine, photography, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, special corps and much more. They are ultra-compact and light weight – making them perfect for Air Travel, where weight is often an issue. And although they are small – they can hold two full size Standard pistols. (too small for Open guns though..)
    An added bonus is that their small size allows them to fit snugly into the lower compartment of the CED/DAA RangePack (Medium backpack)

    These cases offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts, making them suitable for a wide array of sectors and applications.

    Features include:
    · Watertight seal around lid
    · Automatic pressure release valve
    · Two easy to open double throw latches
    · Load tested soft grip handle
    · Holes for double padlocking
    · Stackable interlocking system
    · Thick body material
    · Extra fixing points
    · Full length hinges
    · Pick N Pluck foams in the bottom and convoluted foam in the lid available as standard

    External dimension: 258 x 243x H 118 mm/10.16 x 9,56 x 4.64 inch
    Internal dimensions: 235 x 180 x H 106 (81+25) mm/9.25 x 7.08 x 4.17 (3.19+0.98) inch

    from35.00 EUR
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  • Fiber optic
    Fiber optic

    Fiber optic replacement rods in the thickness 1,5 and 1 mm in Red .

    The green Fiber rod is only in 1mm .

    from8.00 EUR
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  • Spring set for lighter trigger pull Shadow
    Spring set for lighter trigger pull Shadow

    Many CZ owners can now lower their trigger pull. The three springs in this combination make CZ 75 pistols models with a barrel length of 4 inch or longer a competition ready gun. For Shadow 2, Tactical sports etc. It is easy to install , just like a proper maintenance job.

    - 1x recoil spring progressive 9lbs

    - 1x soft firing pin spring

    - 1x hammer-main spring 11lbs 

     Trigger pull cca 5.5 lb

    from24.90 EUR
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  • Brass base pads for Mec-gar Magazines
    Brass base pads for Mec-gar Magazines

    Plus 1 base pads in Brass with our logo for Mec-gar magazines for CZ , Rex and Sig-Sauer pistols.

    from23.90 EUR
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  • Case gauge 9x19 and 40S&W in one
    Case gauge 9x19 and 40S&W in one

    Pocket Case Gauge for 9x19 and 40S&W

    This Pocket case gauge is intended to be used anywhere to ensure absolute correct dimensions .

    Serious competitors are aware of the importance of drop-testing one's bullets before a match. Since most malfunctions are ammo related, and most of those relate to deformed, bulging or otherwise defective brass - dropping the bullets into a gauge is an effective way to reduce the chance of a costly malfunction. This handy keyring gauge is always with you and will never get lost.

    And when you have cases stuck in the gauge you can take them out without tools because the Gauge is shorter than the ammunition you test.

    CNC machined from top quality aluminium, red or blue anodized.

    from19.90 EUR
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  • Recoil Spring progressive CZ - Tanfoglio
    Recoil Spring progressive CZ - Tanfoglio

    Recoil spring for:

    CZ sp-01, Tactical sport, Shadow2, CZ75

    Tanfoglio Stock, Limited


    from9.90 EUR
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  • Grip Plus gel
    Grip Plus gel

    Get a grip with Grip Plus gel. If you're hands are sweaty and you're shooting on a humid summer day, it's just plain hard to grip the gun.  Grip Plus enhances your grip by drying your hands.

    This new lotion comes in a compact, no clog bottle.


    from9.90 EUR
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  • 1911 Magazine base pads BRASS
    1911 Magazine base pads BRASS

    Fits Cobra mags, Dawson mags, Trip mags and Metallform mags.

    Precision cut with RC logo.

    Also available are Magazin spring plates in brass.


    from24.90 EUR
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  • 1911 Magazin base pads ALU
    1911 Magazin base pads ALU

    Fits for:

    Cobra mags  

    Dawson mags 

    Trip mags 

    Metallform mags

    With our logo.

    from22.00 EUR
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