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  • rifle TOZ model 17 22l.r. with scope 3-9x50
    rifle TOZ model 17 22l.r. with scope 3-9x50

    TOZ-17 is a Soviet bolt-action .22 Long Rifle made by the TOZ firearms company, intended for professional and amateur hunting and sport shooting

    The TOZ-17 has the bolt with a rear safety similar to BSA rifle as the BSA Sportsman.

    The receiver has a standard dovetail rail for allowing a scope, but requires high rings to allow the scope to clear the rear sight. It is common practice to remove the rear sight by driving out the rear sight pin to allow for the use of standard rings.

    The length of pull for the stock is standard for a carbine-style rifle.

    These rifles were produced in the Soviet Union and thus most are stamped "Made in USSR". Other standard markings include a "TO3-17" stamp, the stamp of the Tula Arsenal and a serial number.

    Comes with one five shot magazine and 3-9x50 clear optics on high and sturdy rings.

    from179.00 EUR
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