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Gun maintenance

  • Shooter's Choice Aqua Bore Cleaner
    Shooter's Choice Aqua Bore Cleaner

    There are many gun cleaning product lines, solvents and oils, but there is only one Shooter’s Choice! Double-Alpha Academy is proud to be a European distributor for this fantastic product line.

    Having used these products ourselves, we can say with full confidence that you will find no better for cleaning and maintaining your firearms. And this year, Shooter’s Choice is proud to introduce their new line of water based cleaners – perfect for cleaning indoors or when odors and toxic fumes are unacceptable.

    Concentrated water based formula effectively cleans the bores of all rifles, handguns and black powder firearms.

    • Non-flammable, non-hazardous
    • Contains no ammonia or solvents
    • No harsh chemical odor
    • Non-abrasive
    • Water-soluble for easy clean up
    • Convenient applicator spout

    from16.50 EUR
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  • Ceramic Gun Lube
    Ceramic Gun Lube

    Ceramic Gun Lube is the latest formula to lube your gun, only on the contact points you lube the gun, cycle it several times and wipe off the access.

    • Infinity for Race Guns . 3 Nano tech oils, 60% Ceramic
    • Ultra for Race and other IPSC guns . 25% Ceramic, 10% ultra PTFE
    • Sport Competition for all guns  . 15% Ceramic, 6% ultra PTFE
    • Polymer Guns . 15% Mose, 10% Ceramic, 5% PTFE
    • Shotgun . 2 Nano tech oils, 15% Ceramic.

    Shake well before use as the components should be evenly mixed. Some parts are heavier than other and the lube will do its work best if the mixture is as it was intended.

    Xtreme Gun Cleaner and Xtreme No Rust are specifically developed to give the best results with Ceramic Gun Lube

    from20.00 EUR
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  • Xtreme Gun Cleaner
    Xtreme Gun Cleaner

    Delicate Gun Cleaner, does not dry out your gun like some not dedicated products like brake-cleaner etc.

    Should be used in combination with Xtreme No Rust and the specialy developed for each type of gun Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

    Simple to use. Take your pistol apart and just spray on the dirty parts and let it work in to remove the grease and dirt, spray some more to wash it off, let the gun dry, after a short time the dry gun can be sprayed with a mist of Xtreme No Rust, wipe off excess. Now you are ready for the next level, lubing your gun with the Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

    500 ml spray

    Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the EU.  Due to air shipping regulations some solvents and CLP liquids cannot be shipped internationally.

    from8.00 EUR
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  • Xtreme No Rust
    Xtreme No Rust

    Xtreme No Rust is the solution to protect and lubricate surfaces to prevent from rust. This spray when used in combination with Xtreme Gun Cleaner is the perfect combination and base for lubing with Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

    After cleaning the gun with Xtreme Gun Cleaner you spray a fine mist of Xtreme No Rust over the gun. This will set as a protective film over the parts of your gun. With a clean cloth wipe off the axcess.

    After this step you are now ready for the next level. Greasing the gun on its critical parts with Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

    In 400ml spray.

    Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the EU.  Due to air shipping regulations some solvents and CLP liquids cannot be shipped internationally.

    from9.00 EUR
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  • Cleaning rope-BORE SNAKE
    Cleaning rope-BORE SNAKE

    Simply the fastest and most convenient way to clean your gun barrel, be it a pistol, a rifle or a shotgun. Simply drop the weighted end down the barrel, from breach to muzzle and pull through. Do so with or without solvent, as best suites you needs. One pull runs a copper bristle brush as well as a wide long swab down the length of your barrel. You do not even have to disassemble the weapon to clean! Can be complete in seconds, and your barrel will be ready for another session on the range or in the field. 

    from16.00 EUR
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  • Gun Cloth POLYKREPP
    Gun Cloth POLYKREPP

    Polykrepp gun cloths, for cleaning, lubricating and wiping off excess oils.  

    from4.00 EUR
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  • Range Ready Cleaning Kit
    Range Ready Cleaning Kit

    The FIRST EVER cleaning kit truly custom-made for IPSC / IDPA shooters !

    The CED/DAA Range Ready Cleaning Kit includes everything needed for calibers ranging from .22, 9mm/38 Super, .40/10mm, and .44/.45 Cal.

    Designed to fit  comfortably into your range bag, the Range Ready Cleaning Kit opens to reveal a rubberized  36x43cm cleaning mat built right into the kit itself. The mat, made of durable PVC material, is the perfect workstation for your field repairs and pistol cleaning needs. The non-slip surface prevents parts from getting lost and is easy to wipe clean after use. When finished, simply fold and zipper close. The entire Cleaning Kit measures only 20x30x3.5cm and easily stores away inside your CED Professional Range Bag or Shooters Back Pack.

    The Range Ready Cleaning Kit comes packed with custom features and tools. Included are all the brushes and swabs needed for proper gun care, two utility brushes with storage cases, a custom two-head brass / nylon hammer, a custom hex key set in both metric and standard sizes, a 4-bit custom screwdriver set, a plastic storage case for storing brushes & parts, a custom steel punch set, a stainless steel double-head cleaning tool for tough to reach areas, cleaning rod with patch loop tip, cotton cleaning patches, wired extractor/firing pin cleaning strips, & a 0.5 oz bottle of the famous Shooter’s Choice FP-10 lubricant, all designed specifically to fit into our compact, convenient and very functional cleaning kit.

    An extra clear plastic zippered storage pouch has been included for essential replacement parts you might want to keep close on hand.

    Dimensions closed: 20Hx30Wx3.5D cm
    Dimensions opened: 40Hx50Wx1D cm
    Weight: 600gr

    Range Ready Cleaning Kit includes:
    1. Phosphor Brushes (3 pcs.) (9mm/.38 Sup., .40 Cal./10mm, .44/.45Cal.)
    2. Cleaning Swabs (4 pcs.) (.22 Cal., 9mm/.38 Sup., .40 Cal./10mm,.44/.45 Cal.)
    3. Stainless Steel Tornado Brushes (3 pcs.) (9mm/.38 Sup., .40Cal./10mm, .44/.45 Cal.)
    4. Nylon Brush (.22 Cal.)
    5. Double-ended Utility Brushes (2 pcs.) (Nylon / Phosphor) includesbrush storage cases
    6. Two-Head Hammer (Nylon / Brass)
    7. Custom 12 pc. Hex Key Set (1.5mm, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm & 1/20",1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32")
    8. 2 pc. Punch Set
    9. Cleaning Rod with Patch Loop attachment
    10. Stainless Steel Double-Head Cleaning Tool
    11. 4-Bit Custom Screwdriver Set (3.3mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, #1 Phillips)
    12. Shooter’s Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite or DAA BlueSlick oil
    13. Wired Extractor / Firing Pin Cleaning Strips (20 pcs.)
    14. Cleaning Patches
    15. Rubberized cleaning mat
    16. Extra pocket for storing small items

    from65.00 EUR
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  • Brush Phosphor
    Brush Phosphor

    The ideal utility brush that can do the job of two conventional brushes!
    Superb for cleaning those large and small, hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for handguns, rifles, & shotgun cleaning use. Comes in Phosphor for tough cleaning jobs.

    from5.00 EUR
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  • Ghost locking system for Glock pistols
    Ghost locking system for Glock pistols


    • Locks the firearm and prevents unauthorized use.
    • It’s always with the firearm.
    • Cannot be illegally deactivated without permanently disabling the weapon.
    • No lock combinations to fumble with.
    • Does not alter the function or reliability of the firearm.
    • Instant visual determination of the locked or unlocked condition.
    • Non-destructive design means no permanent changes to the firearm.
    from28.00 EUR
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  • MTM Jag & Brush Case - 4 Compartments, Clear #JAG-00
    MTM Jag & Brush Case - 4 Compartments, Clear #JAG-00

    MTM jag & brush case, 4 compartments, clear only case.

    from6.00 EUR
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