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  • Rubber Grip SP-01-Shadow 2
    Rubber Grip SP-01-Shadow 2

    CZ Full Size RUBBER Grips for CZ 75 85.

    Fits all full size models.

    from15.00 EUR
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  • CZ 75 Diamond Backs G10 grips
    CZ 75 Diamond Backs G10 grips

    We always have requests for an aggressive grip for the tactical members and weekend match goers. Something with a little bite. This is what we came up with, a big old nasty 5 dpi (diamond per inch) grip, made in G10. The Diamond Backs are by far the most aggressive grips we produce. We wouldn't recommend them for all day carry, but some do and swear by them.

    from75.00 EUR
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  • CZ 75 VZ FRAG G10
    CZ 75 VZ FRAG G10

    These grips are a result of the success the VZ FRAG Pattern had in some of our 1911 grips. It only made sense to try it on the CZ 75, and it turned out really nice. They offer a nice medium texture that provides you with plenty of grip. The border on the edge of the grip gives you a nice smooth finish and really accents that VZ FRAG pattern well.

    from75.00 EUR
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  • 1911 Tactical Diamond G10
    1911 Tactical Diamond G10

    The Tactical Diamonds are the response to those who like the texture of a traditional Double Diamond grip but don't like the big diamond pattern around the screw holes. Keep in mind these are very grippy due to the fact that we can cut the diamond pattern a lot sharper in the G10.

    • TEXTURE: Very Grippy • USE: Tactical, Tournament Shooter • MATERIAL: G10

    from65.00 EUR
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  • 1911 VZ Operator III™ G10
    1911 VZ Operator III™ G10

    The evolution continues! The third offering in the Operator line of grips that we here at VZ started back 12 years ago. The Operator line is not only the best selling textured grip, but the most copied. Form follows function and beauty. With our new stippled texture offering it only made sense to wring out as much function by pairing it with the slants of the Operator series. Combining the two textures just like its predecessors in the series, it becomes a much more functional grip in the sense of allowing it to be used in more applications. From the concealed carry firearm to the tactical and tournament shooter it exceeds in all applications. Not least to mention its beauty that compliments any firearm.

    from65.00 EUR
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  • 1911 VZ Operator II™  G10
    1911 VZ Operator II™ G10

    These are the same basic design as the original Operators™, we just replaced the large aggressive checkering next to the front strap with an aggressive golfball pattern. We have also added a thumb recess for the magazine release. This is a very functional grip for the tournament shooter or those in the tactical high speed environment.

    • TEXTURE: Very Aggressive • USE: Tactical, IPSC, IDPA, etc... • MATERIALS: G10, Micarta, Carbon Fiber

    from65.00 EUR
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  • 1911 Bawidamann-RAGNAROK G10 & CARBON
    1911 Bawidamann-RAGNAROK G10 & CARBON

    Add some “Electric Viking Deco Spirit” to your weapon with these Ragnarok or Walkure Grips from the Andrew Bawidamann Designer series. Original in design and easy to carry, these Grips are as Aesthetically pleasing as they are Functional.

    • TEXTURE: Medium • USE: Carry, Tactical, Range, Competition • MATERIAL: G10, Carbon Fiber

    from65.00 EUR
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  • 1911 Hex Screws
    1911 Hex Screws

    These ship in sets of four in either stainless steel or blued steel for standard and slim line 1911 grips.

    from12.00 EUR
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  • 1911 O-Rings
    from5.00 EUR
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    Tanfoglio GU-011 Aluminium grips for small frame 630.

    from79.00 EUR
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  • Tanfoglio Grips Monarch 1 SHORT
    Tanfoglio Grips Monarch 1 SHORT



    Colored Aluminium grips for TANFOGLIO LARGE FRAME Models in short version with checkering that is extremely grippy. 

    The checkering is CNC cut in the surface and has straight angles and is circular ( 360° directional grip) , therefore has more grip than any other on the market.

    Matching the color is difficult on the picture due to no uniformity in devices so please look for the color on the group picture for closest resemblance of the original color.

    Short grips are for guns that have a Magazine funnel fitted.

    Completely cut from Aluminium on CNC machines.

    Color is anodized.

    from74.90 EUR
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  • Grips STI 2011 HiCap Polymer by STI
    Grips STI 2011 HiCap Polymer by STI

    • Overall Length 3.25
    • Height 4.25
    • Weight 3.29 oz.
    • Glass Filled Polymer
    • Trigger and Mag Release Not Included
    • Also fits SVI and 2011 HiCap Clones
    from250.00 EUR
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