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  • MAGPUL PMAG M3 7,62X51-.308WIN
    MAGPUL PMAG M3 7,62X51-.308WIN

    Product Details

    The 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Winchester) PMAG 20 LR/SR GEN M3 is a lightweight, cost effective, high reliability magazine for SR25/M110 pattern rifles featuring true 20-round capacity, constant-curve body, anti-tilt follower, and snap on Impact/Dust Cover.

     Designed specifically for SAAMI-spec ammunition, the PMAG 20 LR/SR is less than half the weight of standard issue steel magazines and maintains a service life round count approximately equal to the rifle barrel itself.

    from35.00 EUR
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  • Magpul Ranger plate Pmag G3 Blk
    Magpul Ranger plate Pmag G3 Blk

    Product Details

    The Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate is a floorplate replacement for all 7.62x51 PMAG LR/SR GEN M3 magazines that incorporates an integral loop similar to the original Magpul USGI Ranger. When installed on the base of the magazine, the PMAG Ranger Plate provides unsurpassed speed and control during high stress, tactical magazine changes.

    Made in U.S.A.

    from25.00 EUR
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  • SR-25 Magazines .308 stainless steel
    SR-25 Magazines .308 stainless steel

    The Stainless Steel .308 magazines are engineered with the highest levels of quality and constructed with the most durable materials, simply the best in the industry! Our magazines are manufactured 100% start to finish using .032 gauge 410 Stainless Steel Alloy and heat treated for superior strength and lasting endurance. The magazine is chemically treated for corrosion resistance [ref QQ-P-35] integrated with the proprietary coating, a high grade Marlube which is a wear-in not wear-off coating that burnishes in the surface providing self-lubricating properties. The interior dimensions of OAL 2.865” ± .002 are perfect for reloads. At the end of the day performance is all you’ll get!

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