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  • NewExternal Optima Choke HP cal/ga12
    from60.00 EUR
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    CED has taken the BEST Range Bag on the market today to an entirely new level of design and function! The result is the new CED Deluxe Professional Range Bag! Starting with the famous CED Professional Range bag, we have added 25% more storage capacity to the new Deluxe Range Bag. Two additional zippered pockets have been added to the bag, one on each end. An over-sized ID holder has been incorporated into the top “U” shaped zippered closure, making it easy to locate and identify your bag. Each bag is made of rugged 600D Polyester weather resistant fabric, with strong chrome-plated metal hardware & heavy duty stitching. Finally, the CED Universal Pouch, attached to an accessory D-Ring on the end of the bag, round out the great features that make the CED Deluxe Professional Range Bag, the ultimate Range Bag to own! Quality! Design! Value! No other Range Bag comes close! * Main compartment locks completely with a "U" shaped top zipper design closure * Double headed zippers to provide locking capability * Seven (7) Magazine Holders * Elastic accessory straps added to hold those little "extras" * Holds up to four (4) Pistols securely * Removable Pistol Insert Sleeve * Ammo Brass Bag * Universal Pouch * Five (5) additional Zippered Pockets for magazine storage and small items * ID Tag Holder * Heavy Duty Chrome Hardware with Padded Shoulder Strap * Fully stitched Rubber Foot Pads to keep the bag dry * Overall Bag 54cm L x 28cm H x 36cm W  

    Comes with mathcing color brass pouch and pistol sleeve. 

    Overall Bag 54cm L x 28cm H x 36cm W / 21.5" L x 11" H x 14.5" W

    from100.00 EUR
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    The Dropper Assembly is needed for shooters who wish to set up a second tool-head in the same caliber, and wish to quickly transition from, say, 9mm to .38super. Or from one 9mm bullet to another. A change is needed to the collator parts, and if a 2nd tool-head is to be used on the progressive reloader, it is quicker and easier to leave an adjusted Mr.Bulletfeeder dropper on each tool-head. This allows for quick swapovers, without the need to calibrate or adjust the dropper. Note that in most cases you will need to purchase an additional Powder Funnel for your second tool-head’s powder measure, as our expanding powder funnel is required for troublefree reloading.

    from95.00 EUR
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    Some Mr.BulletFeeder users have asked for the option to extend the output feed spring, to allow them to position the collator further away, or perhaps position one collator between two presses and use it to alternately feed each machine.

    To meet this request we are pleased to offer the output springs and a screw-on adaptor cap which will allow you to attach to your current spring and extend it up to another 38cm.

     Two sizes are available. The Small (10mm inner diameter) matches the springs used with the rifle caliber machines and the large size (12mm inner diameter) as shipped with the pistol calibers.

     Note that some “do it yourself” supports for the spring will be needed to prevent it sagging under the weight of the bullets. You do need to keep the tube running downwards and prevent bullets from “pooling” in a sagging loop.

    from9.50 EUR
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  • NewRC Tech  WATERPROOF CASE for 1 or 2 guns
    RC Tech WATERPROOF CASE for 1 or 2 guns

    RC Tech Hard Case Small are IP67 certified, tough, durable and reliable. They may be used in a variety of applications, ranging from firearms and valuable transport, to marine, photography, scuba diving, hunting, fishing, special corps and much more. They are ultra-compact and light weight – making them perfect for Air Travel, where weight is often an issue. And although they are small – they can hold two full size Standard pistols. (too small for Open guns though..)
    An added bonus is that their small size allows them to fit snugly into the lower compartment of the CED/DAA RangePack (Medium backpack)

    These cases offer superior protection from the elements, water, dust and impacts, making them suitable for a wide array of sectors and applications.

    Features include:
    · Watertight seal around lid
    · Automatic pressure release valve
    · Two easy to open double throw latches
    · Load tested soft grip handle
    · Holes for double padlocking
    · Stackable interlocking system
    · Thick body material
    · Extra fixing points
    · Full length hinges
    · Pick N Pluck foams in the bottom and convoluted foam in the lid available as standard

    External dimension: 258 x 243x H 118 mm/10.16 x 9,56 x 4.64 inch
    Internal dimensions: 235 x 180 x H 106 (81+25) mm/9.25 x 7.08 x 4.17 (3.19+0.98) inch

    from35.00 EUR
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  • J-Frame Cyclone G10 S&W
    J-Frame Cyclone G10 S&W

    J Frame Smith & Wesson G10 Grips

    A milder texture that's great for concealed carry

    T15 Screw Included

    from65.00 EUR
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  • MBX 9mm PCC Stainless Steel Compensator
    MBX 9mm PCC Stainless Steel Compensator

    The NEW MBX Stainless PCC Compensator uses the same design as our Patent-pending, Highly Revered, and Extremely Effective Aluminum Compensator, as well as the Stainless version that is ever so popular with our MBX Pro Series PCC Rifles.

    The original slant wall ports with gas capturing ears to increase surface area design, has been slimmed down into a Stainless option that performs at the Top Level while allowing clearance for the barrel nut.

    Diameter - .990 Length - 2.750" Weight - 3.7 oz

    Offered in 1/2X28 and 1/2X36 thread pitch.

    from170.00 EUR
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    from690.00 EUR
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    from999.00 EUR
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  • BUL Balesteros OPEN
    BUL Balesteros OPEN

    Comes with 3 long magazines and T-shirt

    from5190.00 EUR
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    Many PCC shooters use extended Glock Magazines, often with long base pads added for even more capacity.

    To ensure the best possible retention in our Racer and Race Master mag pouches, we are pleased to offer this dedicated extended Glock Side spacer.

    Simply assemble this spacer instead of your short one, and allow the bottom of your long mag to extend out the bottom of the pouch body, for a more balanced more secure retention.

    The long spacer offers three hole positions in which to place the stopper, giving you the ability to experiment and decide for yourself what the best depth for your magazine is.


    NOTE:  this spacer is not compatible with the Alpha-X line of pouches. Magazine and Magazine Pouch not inlucded!

    from11.00 EUR
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    The DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder Adaptor is the answer to a real problem many reloaders are all too familiar with: when cleaning brass with corncob or other dry media, often small bits of media remain mixed with the brass, and are fed down the case feeder tube. When they reach the tighter diameter of the adaptor tube, they wedge against the cases, causing a feeding jam. You then have to stop reloading, take apart the feeding pipe, clear the jam and only then continue.

    But with the new DAA XL650 Debris-Out Casefeeder Adaptor, which replaces the original Dillon case feeder adaptor on your XL650, the slots cut in the pipe allow the debris to fall out the sides onto the small collection tray (we like to keep our workbench clean and neat!) and the chances of a jam-up are greatly reduced.

    A drop on fit to your Dillon XL650

    Not suitable for use on other Dillon reloading models, and cannot be used in conjunction with the DAA XL650 Mini case feeder.

    from29.00 EUR
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  • CZ P-10 F 9x19
    from690.00 EUR
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  • Shadow 2 Orange 9x19
    Shadow 2 Orange 9x19

    A perfect gun that ranks your shooting experience and results at an absolute top. The superb design base of this model has been improved by precisely targeted gunsmithing modifications and the use of top-quality sport parts.

    The word Orange in the name of these CZ sport pistols stands for the highest possible quality and absolute top performance. The same is of course true for this model as well. It has been based on the CZ SHADOW 2 pistol which currently occupies the podium in the Production Division at the most prestigious international IPSC events. The ORANGE model, distinguishable at first glance by the new design of its aluminium grip panels in the typical orange colour, has been brought to perfection by tried and tested gunsmithing modifications. The main parts are hand fitted, the trigger mechanism is set for perfectly smooth trigger travel and has a shortened reset. The barrel is polished and to improve the already high accuracy, there is also a barrel bushing. Furthermore, the pistol is equipped with an IPSC hammer and an adjustable aluminium magazine release catch. The magazine has an aluminium base and the enlarged left safety catch provides better grip. A set of flat safeties and a flat slide stop can be purchased additionally.

    from2190.00 EUR
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