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  • NewDAA Magnetic Powder Check
    DAA Magnetic Powder Check

    Please note:

    The current design of the new XL750 does not allow the bullet dropper to be positioned in station #4 of the toolhead because of the angle at which the powder Dispenser bar extends directly towards it. This means the bullet dropper MUST be positioned immediately after the powder dropper, in station #3. That makes it impossible to use a Powder-Check AND a bullet dropper at the same time.

    We will attempt to come up with a solution to allow the powder dropper to be rotated to another angle to resolve this issue, but at the moment, be aware of this issue.

    The DAA Magnetic Powder Check (US Pat. Pending) is a great addition to any progressive reloading machine, helping to ensure the quality and safety of your reloaded ammo.

    The unique new design uses a high-tech Reed Sensor and a magnet assembled to the plunger Rod, to assess if the charge in the case is of the correct height.

    This original design also provides, for the first time, an adjustability option. By bringing the Reed Sensor closer or further from the magnet, you can determine how forgiving the powder checker will be, or how much of a range of variance in the powder level should be acceptable without sounding the alarm. At its most sensitive, the accepted height variance is about 2mm, which correlates to a powder error of less than +-0.5 grain. More than sufficient to pick up any of the mistakes we are checking for, such as a double-charge, debris in the case or a case without powder.

    from65.00 EUR
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  • NewMicro Coversion Kit for Glock MCK
    Micro Coversion Kit for Glock MCK

    This Micro Conversion Kit is a lightweight and sturdy platform for Glock handguns, turning it into the ultimate Glock Conversion Kit. It has a barrel shroud made of aluminum with a polymer body. CAA Glock Pistol to Carbine Stock next generation of conversion kits from caa usa mck micro conversion kit available for gen 3, 4, and 5 glock models

    from299.00 EUR
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  • NewSightmark Mini Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight
    Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight

    The compact Mini Shot M-Spec is a reflex sight designed to be used on shotguns, pistols and AR’s. Built
    from durable aluminum housing with a steel protective hood, the Mini M-Spec offers an IP67
    waterproof rating. The M-Spec also features extremely low power consumption technology, windage
    and elevation click adjustments for easy zeroing, 10 brightness levels and an ambidextrous digital
    switch. Ideal for anything from target shooting to law enforcement applications, the 3 MOA reticle on
    the M-Spec has a 12 hour auto shutoff, giving shooters even more battery life. The sight comes with a
    low-profile mount and an AR riser mount.

    ? 100% waterproof and dustproof
    ? Extremely low power consumption
    ? Windage and elevation click adjustments
    ? 3 MOA red dot reticle
    ? 10 reticle brightness levels
    ? Ambidextrous digital switch brightness controls
    ? Steel protective shield
    ? 12 hour auto shut off
    ? Advanced, parallax free lens design
    ? Rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy housing
    ? Scratch resistant lens coating

    from279.00 EUR
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  • SpidErgo Pistol Grips for 1911 pistols
    SpidErgo Pistol Grips for 1911 pistols

    Armanov has developed new state-of-the-art, unique grips for full-size 1911 pistols, featuring asymetric, ergonomical contour and aggressive, hard-gripping surface. Sticky like a spider web and ergonomical for a natural feel.

    We named them SpidErgo.

    Freshly designed from the ground up, top of the line contoured SpidErgo Grips for full-size 1911 competition pistols made out of finest, most durable, aircraft grade aluminium.

    Special precision-machined texture, designed to keep your hand tight in place, it will make sure you get the most out of your competition performance. These SpidErgo grips are what you need to prevent any unwanted movement or sliding of your hand. Shaped ergonomically to fit your hand, not vice versa. They’re specifically designed for right-handed shooters.

    These grips fit on your 1911 and come in two sizes – Medium (Regular) and Large. They’re lightweight and strong, machined from aircraft grade aluminum block and anodized to six colors: black, blue, red, purple, gold and silver.

    from64.99 EUR
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  • RCtech Slide stop thumb rest for 2011
    from98.00 EUR
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  • CED Lock - Combination Security Lock
    CED Lock - Combination Security Lock

    TSA approved Combination Lock & Security Cable

    Included with the following range bags: CED DeluxeProfessionalRangePack and RangePack Pro.

    CED TSA Metal Combination Lock with security cable duo. 

    Great for securing your valuables in crowded areas to help prevent theft.

    from6.95 EUR
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  • MPX  base pad Firepower RC tech +5
    from39.00 EUR
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  • ACR5 - Ammo Crate utility box dark earth
    ACR5 - Ammo Crate utility box dark earth

    Designed for ammo storage, but perfect for storing shooting, hunting or survival gear. Two extra strong handles make it easy to carry upto 85 pounds of gear. Designed to be stacked high, using molded-in stacking ridges. Four hook points for ATV attachment. Utilizing MTM's tongue and groove O-Ring seal system for a water-resistant dry storage.

    Double padlock tabs along with two strong latches make these ammo crates the perfect solution for many storage needs. Made in the USA, with high-impact polypropylene plastic.

    Besides for holding lots of rifle and handgun ammo, this size hold 2 flats or 20 boxes of 12 gauge target loads.

    ACR5 can hold 2 flats or 20 boxes of shotshells in the 12 guage target loads - 2-3/4" shells

    Stackable design, double latches & 2 padlock tabs

    • 101 uses!
    • Ammo stash
    • Bug-out crate to replace soft bug-out bags
    • Survival kits
    • Boating or aviation emergency kits
    • Disaster supplies kit
    • Powder keg
    • Primer keg
    • First Aid kits

    Exterior 19”(L) x 15.75”(W) x 5.25”(H)

    Interior 14.7”(L) x 13.9”(W) x 4.5”(H)

    from33.00 EUR
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  • Muzzle brake for 12 Gauge Shotgun MKA1919 and Similar – Compensator
    Muzzle brake for 12 Gauge Shotgun MKA1919 and Similar – Compensator

    Muzzle Brake has excellent recoil reduction due to the enlarged ports to keep you on target. Fits perfectly on MKA1919 shotgun rifle. In fact it should fit all shotguns with 23mm barrel diameter. No barrel modification. Easy clamp on barrel with 2 bolts.

    from119.00 EUR
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  • Sig Sauer VERTICAL GRIP + barricade-stop
    Sig Sauer VERTICAL GRIP + barricade-stop

    M-LOK compatible dual angle vertical grip and barricade stop with included M-LOK connectors and mounting hardware.

    from39.90 EUR
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