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  • NewMBX Pro Series Lightweight Barrel 9mm
    MBX Pro Series Lightweight Barrel 9mm

    MBX Super Lightweight Barrel weighs Only 12.5oz by itself, after we install our MBX Compensator and we have produced an ALL Stainless 1lb PCC Barrel that comes in at 16.1 inches for Legal Length.

    from590.00 EUR
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  • NewMBX Adjustable 5 Piece Short Stroke Kit
    MBX Adjustable 5 Piece Short Stroke Kit

    A 5 piece Delron stroker kit consisting of a long and medium main contact shim & stack shims .100-.200-.300 to allow multiple combinations of stroke length allowing you to tune your preference in trigger load and cycle speed. For 9mm AR

    from29.00 EUR
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  • NewVELOCITY PCC Trigger
    VELOCITY PCC Trigger

    The Marksman Performance Choice Trigger is a single stage, drop-in trigger – now available for pistol caliber carbines! Our 9mm/ PCC trigger is a drop-in trigger for any standard AR-15 style pistol caliber carbine as well as the Sig Sauer MPX PCC. Perfect for the competition shooter and designed to give you more customization options and improve your finger’s position on the trigger, Our MPC 9mm/PCC trigger shoe is 3/8” wide rather than the standard 1/4” width of a standard trigger. This gives it a greater tactile feel and together with our MPC Series’ Sentinel Trigger Guard it’s an unbeatable combination that performs like no other. The Velocity PCC Trigger comes in 4lb pull weight only.

    from220.00 EUR
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  • SIG MPX PCC Rifle 16'' - 9x19
    SIG MPX PCC Rifle 16'' - 9x19

    SIG MPX PCC 9mm
    16 inčna cev, nabojnik 30rds
    preklopno teleskopsko kopito
    kategorija B4

    from2349.00 EUR
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  • Ammo box 100 rounds
    Ammo box 100 rounds

    FITS: 9mm,280 ACP, 32S&W, 9mm Makarov, 30 luger

    from3.99 EUR
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  • ADAPTER CZ 75 SP-01 KADET 22L.R.
    ADAPTER CZ 75 SP-01 KADET 22L.R.

    An adapter for an easy user conversion of all large calibre CZ SP-01 pistols with the Shadow frame to .22 LR cartridge.

    from599.00 EUR
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  • REX Delta 9x19
    from520.00 EUR
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  • Glock 17/19 Grip
    Glock 17/19 Grip

    Glock 17/19 Grip with small parts inside

    from220.00 EUR
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  • CZ 75TS Barrel 40S&W Used Titanized
    CZ 75TS Barrel 40S&W Used Titanized

    Rabljena cev 40S&W za CZ75 TS pištole. V kompletu so tudi 3kom. nabojniki.

    from200.00 EUR
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  • CZ 75TS Orange 9x19 Used gun
    CZ 75TS Orange 9x19 Used gun

    Izredno lepo ohranjena pištola CT75 TS Orange 9x19

    from1550.00 EUR
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  • DAA 50-pack stainless 929 Moon Clips 0,037''
    DAA 50-pack stainless 929 Moon Clips 0,037''

    The Double Alpha 8-round 9mm Moon Clips are designed for the new and popular Smith & Wesson 929 9mm revolver.

    These match-grade moon clips are comparable in quality and performance to the very best available, but at a more affordable price, achieved through volume and hi-tech production.

    Our Moon Clips are laser cut from hardened 413 Stainless Steel achieving an unparalleled hardness of 44RC, making them extremely durable and resistant to bending and deforming. 

    We now offer these popular moon clips in two thickness options: 0.037" (0.92mm) or 0.040" (1.00mm).

    Depending on the type of brass you are using, and the headspace you have in your revolver, one type or the other will offer you the best performance. It's important, of course, to achieve just the right amount of retention of your ammo in your moonclips to enable the best, most consistent reloads. Choose the type to best suite your ammo specifications.

    The stainless steel used is magnetic, and the smaller-than-most cutout for the extractor ensures more overlap and optimum performance when used on magnetic moon clip holders, such as our DAA 8-shot moon-clip holders.


    Please note:

    Brass dimensions vary greatly between brands and in some cases even within certain brands.

    We have found that our moon clips work with most brands. However, for most brass, loading and unloading tools are required.

    from239.00 EUR
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  • Shooter's Choice Aqua Bore Cleaner
    Shooter's Choice Aqua Bore Cleaner

    There are many gun cleaning product lines, solvents and oils, but there is only one Shooter’s Choice! Double-Alpha Academy is proud to be a European distributor for this fantastic product line.

    Having used these products ourselves, we can say with full confidence that you will find no better for cleaning and maintaining your firearms. And this year, Shooter’s Choice is proud to introduce their new line of water based cleaners – perfect for cleaning indoors or when odors and toxic fumes are unacceptable.

    Concentrated water based formula effectively cleans the bores of all rifles, handguns and black powder firearms.

    • Non-flammable, non-hazardous
    • Contains no ammonia or solvents
    • No harsh chemical odor
    • Non-abrasive
    • Water-soluble for easy clean up
    • Convenient applicator spout

    from16.50 EUR
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  • DAA 1911 Carbon fiber grips
    DAA 1911 Carbon fiber grips

    The DAA Carbon 1911 Grips are 0.250 inch thick panels which create a surface that provides the flawless grip so critical for recoil control. The carbon offers a striking hi-tech appearance, and unparalleled durability. 
    The tactical design includes a wide, deep, thumb cutaway which allows you unrestricted access to any mag-catch installed on your 1911. 

    The CNC machined Carbon material is light weight extremely touch and is totally resistant to oils and solvents. 

    These carbon grip panels offer not only improved performance when shooting your 1911, but also an attractive dark-colored carbon “techy” appearance. 

    Each set include 4 stainless steel torx screws, with a custom head design, a torx key and are packed in a display-friendly blister-pack.

    from89.00 EUR
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  • Walker's Silencer Bluetooth Rechargeable Plugs
    Walker's Silencer Bluetooth Rechargeable Plugs

    Ditch those uncomfortable earmuffs for the compact comfortability of these Walkers Silencer Bluetooth Rechargeable Electronic Earbuds. Traditional ear muff protection can be annoying for long duration wear since they press against your head and can cause sweat to accumulate. That's why Walkers designed this Hearing Protection to fit snugly in your ear, offering a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23. These Walkers Silencer Bluetooth Protective Earbuds are incredibly convenient and include a free app to control them from your phone. Use your mobile device to control the program settings, check battery levels, adjust the volume, and change the auto shut off time.

    For a custom fit, you get 3 sizes of Sure-Lock sizing fins along with 3 different sizes of foam tips.

    The average battery life of these is 10 hours (3-4hrs while using the BT connection), and you can recharge them on-the-go using the included charging/storage hard-case. The case will give you up to three full charges, and the case itself can be charged via USB.

    Choose from any of the four useful program settings: noise filtering, general, HI frequency boost, or power boost. Perfect for the range or any other location with constant loud noises, these Walkers Silencer Bluetooth Noise Reduction Earbuds will protect your ears without getting in the way of your favorite activities.

     Features include:

    • Advanced Digital circuit
    • Four programable settings for customized sound performance
    • Dynamic wind noise reduction
    • Variable gunshot suppression
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Voice prompts
    • Auto shut off

    Package includes:

    • Set of BT ear buds
    • Charging/storage case
    • USD charge cable
    • 3 sizes of sure0lock fins and 3 sizes of foam tips
    from299.00 EUR
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  • PCC Firing pin spring RC Tech
    PCC Firing pin spring RC Tech

    High Quality Spare PCC AR Platform Firing pin spring RC Tech

    from8.00 EUR
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