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Locks and other safety gear

  • CED Pistol Dust Covers
    CED Pistol Dust Covers

    When the wind blows & the dust is everywhere, now you can protect your pistol from Mother Nature! CED Pistol Covers not only protect your pistol keeping it clean longer and functioning smoother during those important match moments, but they also help keep the pistol in the holster where it belongs.

    The elastic design envelopes around the pistol and holster, snugly protecting both. A Velcro tab allows the user to tighten the pistol cover around the holster giving even more security. CED Pistol Covers stretch to fit both open and limited guns. One cover for all your needs! Folds up to easily fit into a pant or shirt pocket for convenient storage. Made of 100% Cotton fabric.

    Black Only.

    from11.00 EUR
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  • Howard Leight Slim Belt Clip
    Howard Leight Slim Belt Clip

    This 2-piece hinged Belt Clip from Howard Leight is a practical and comfortable way to carry your ear muffs when not on your ears.

    It allows the muffs to rest directly against your leg, not jutting out at some odd angle.

    Sliding the muffs off from the hanger, while leaving the hanger on your belt is simply, quick and convenient to use.

    from6.00 EUR
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  • Ghost locking system for Glock pistols
    Ghost locking system for Glock pistols


    • Locks the firearm and prevents unauthorized use.
    • It’s always with the firearm.
    • Cannot be illegally deactivated without permanently disabling the weapon.
    • No lock combinations to fumble with.
    • Does not alter the function or reliability of the firearm.
    • Instant visual determination of the locked or unlocked condition.
    • Non-destructive design means no permanent changes to the firearm.
    from28.00 EUR
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