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Tungsten 1911-2011 Guide Rod 1-pc

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One Piece Guide Rod: Fits flush with the slide so you can turn the bushing to disassemble the gun. This guide rod also features a takedown hole.

This tungsten guide rod should be checked by a gunsmith familiar with the 1911 design. It may require minor fitting to contact the frame evenly. Failure to do so may lead to premature wear and/or breakage which will not be covered under warranty.

The head of the guide rod has smooth beveled edges to make for a seamless look.

The STI Guide rod is made specifically for a STI model as the button on the end of the guide rod is smaller in diameter than a standard guide rod.

Check for fit in 3 areas: (1) Barrel feet should not contact head (2) Where guide rod rests against frame (3) Back surface of slide/dustcover is flat and even.