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Chameleon sunglasses - available with lenses in 7 different colors


Short description:

Purple (Category 2) lens – Class One Optical Quality Lenses – Impact Resistant Shatterproof Lenses – No frame or bridge to obscure vision – Adjustable nose pads – Non slip nose pads & temple tips – Lightweight for all-day wear – Complies with EN166 (Impact Resistance) – UV400 Rated

Supplied with cleaning cloth and soft carry pouch 

Yellow/Orange Lenses: Yellow and orange tinted safety glasses tend to block out “blue light,” such as the diffused haze on a cloudy day, but bring out the orange color of a practice target. These colors tend to create a more detailed line of vision, helping you to better perceive depth, and thus improve accuracy.

Amber Lenses: Amber lenses are a very popular lens color. They also block blue-light and work best in low light, cloudy days. The amber tint creates an excellent contrast between colors, helping the orange of the target stand out to you, even on those dreary days.

Purple Lenses: If you’re at a shooting range with a backdrop of beautiful trees around you, you’ll want the help of a purple or blue lens tint. These colors contribute to improving contrast, particularly against greens (trees/grass) and oranges (the target), keeping your eyes focused on the target, and only the target.

Brown Lenses: Some hunters and target shooters prefer brown lenses, as they call attention to orange colored targets. They work best in fields or other open areas, and particularly in bright sunlight. Many hunters find brown lenses are “soothing” and reduce eye strain, which helps keep them alert.

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Chameleon features: Class 1 optical quality lenses – Impact resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lens – Rimless with no frame or bridge to obscure vision – Adjustable nose pads – Non slip nose pads & high-grip temples – TR90 nylon temples flex for comfort – Lightweight for all-day wear – Complies with EN166F (Impact Resistance) – UV400 Rated

Supplied with soft carry pouch and cleaning cloth.

The glass of the Chameleon is about half the thickness as the Connect X Glasses therefore slightly less protection than its thicker brother but so light you will almost not feel them.

Compared to other brands that are twice or more times the price of these you will not be disappointed about their quality.

To say it in short "from shooters for shooters" !!

Unisex style