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Ammo Can Combo - MTM ACC9, ACC45, ACC223 and ACC308

Brand: MTM, Category: Ammo box

Ammo Can Combo's

America’s favorite caliber ammo boxes. What better way to store & protect bulk ammo than with MTM Ammo boxes sealed tight inside an MTM Ammo Can? Color: Dark Earth.

MTM 45 ACP Ammo Can for 700 rd. (incl.7x P-100-45), Dark Earth #ACC45

Code: MTACC-45

MTM 9mm Ammo Can for 1000 rd. (incl.10x P-100-9), Dark Earth #ACC9

Code: MTACC-9

MTM 308 Ammo Can Combo for 400 rd. (incl.4x RM-100), Dark Earth #ACC308

Code: MTACC-308

Product is avaliable

59.00 EUR

MTM 223 Ammo Can for 400 rd. (incl.4x RS-100), Dark Earth #ACC223

Code: MTACC-223

Product is avaliable

Warning! Last product in stock

50.00 EUR

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