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Ceramic Gun Lube

Ceramic Gun Lube is the latest formula to lube your gun, only on the contact points you lube the gun, cycle it several times and wipe off the access.

  • Infinity for Race Guns . 3 Nano tech oils, 60% Ceramic
  • Ultra for Race and other IPSC guns . 25% Ceramic, 10% ultra PTFE
  • Sport Competition for all guns  . 15% Ceramic, 6% ultra PTFE
  • Polymer Guns . 15% Mose, 10% Ceramic, 5% PTFE
  • Shotgun . 2 Nano tech oils, 15% Ceramic.

Shake well before use as the components should be evenly mixed. Some parts are heavier than other and the lube will do its work best if the mixture is as it was intended.

Xtreme Gun Cleaner and Xtreme No Rust are specifically developed to give the best results with Ceramic Gun Lube

Ceramic Gun Lube Infinity

Code: XCU-Inf

Product is avaliable

20.00 EUR

Ceramic Gun Lube Ultra

Code: XCU

Product is avaliable

18.00 EUR

Ceramic Gun Lube Sport Competition

Code: CGL-Comp

Product is avaliable

16.00 EUR

Ceramic Gun Lube Polymer guns

Code: CGL-Poly

Product is avaliable

15.00 EUR

Ceramic Gun Lube Shotguns

Code: CGL-ShotG

Product is avaliable

16.00 EUR

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