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1911 Magwell

Posted by   Robert Cernigoj

At RC-Tech we have designed a brand new product that meets high-quality standards. Magwell for 1911 pistols.

First generation of the Magwell for the 1911 allows fast and straight magazine insertion. Because our designers comes from the competition world, the concept of the magwell comes with simple and clean design. The focus was on the fast insertion of the magazines. Because of the well-rounded bottom has a big hole which is hard to miss, and prevent mistakes that can, in the end, decide who wins the match.

Magweel is made out of the one-piece aircraft aluminum or Brass and it comes in three different colors. Black, silver and of course brass/gold color.

The aluminum version of the magwell are lighter than brass version and for those shooters who like their pistol to be light as possible, but the brass adds the weight of the pistol and lower the balance of the pistol which is great when aiming because the gun in more stable.

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