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Let’s Review the Reliable BUL Armory Cherokee Compact

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BUL Armory Cherokee Compact Review: Introduction, Specifications, and Features

The BUL Armory Cherokee Compact, based on the classic CZ 75, delivers a full 18-round payload in a compact, concealable package. The ergonomics are spot-on, and the controls are just where they should be if you're familiar with the CZ 75. The Cherokee is securely planted in the palm of your hand thanks to aggressive grip stippling, and the barrel axis is exceptionally low to assist direct recoil straight back.

The Cherokee, like the CZ 75, has a DA/SA trigger that allows for a smooth double-action pull as well as a short, snappy single-action pull. When you take it out of the holster, it can simply be carried in condition 1—with the hammer back and the safety engaged—so it's ready to go. The BUL Armory Cherokee compact is exceptionally tough and capable of operating in the harshest conditions, and its dependability is unrivaled.

  • Condition 1 carry is possible because of the DA/SA trigger and manual thumb safety
  • Aggressive grips for better control
  • Recoil is directed right back into the meat of your hand with a low bore axis for enhanced control.
  • For added durability, the slide is made of steel with a black oxide finish.
  • (2) 17-rd. mags are included.
  • 9mm caliber
  • Semi-automatic (DA/SA) action
  • 17+1 capacity
  • 3.66" barrel length
  • Polymer frame
  • 3-dot sights with rear windage adjustment
  • 25.75 oz. total weight

The BUL Cherokee compact price is €890 and is, without a doubt, going to be worth the spend!

Further Benefits of the Amazing BUL Armory Cherokee Compact

The BUL Armory Cherokee compact is a small handgun having a full-size firing grip and a shorter slide and frame than a full-size CZ-type model. The magazines can store a total of 17 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo. The frame is the most notable variation from the conventional CZ format.

The BUL Cherokee compact price is surely worth it and the product is a good choice for a house gun or a concealed carry handgun.

The frame is made of a contemporary polymer that is well-formed and has a good abrasion and adhesion balance. A good firing grip is provided by the slight finger grooves. A rail for installing combat lights is built within the dust cover.

Hopefully, this BUL Armory Cherokee compact review was useful to you and will help you out when you go to purchase this excellent weapon!