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How Good Is the CZ Factory Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight?

Posted by   iMode Admin

Find Out All The Details About the Dawson Fiber Optic and Learn Why It Is a Must-Use Item


When it comes to selecting the perfect front sight for your Glock handgun, having a bright, immediately visible aiming point can go a long way toward fostering front-sight focus, which is exactly what the Dawson Fiber Optic aims to achieve. Despite the advantages of fiber optics, one of the disadvantages of these sight designs is that they are more fragile than other available solutions. To address this issue, the Dawson Front Sight was counter-bored, with a recessed seat for the fiber-optic wire to shield it from the elements.  

Some of the world's best — and most expensive — defense and competition handguns come fitted with Dawson sights. The sights, on the other hand, are not pricey.

The Dawson Fiber Optic Front Sight configuration has the extra benefit of delivering a sharper, more concentrated dot in the front sight, resulting in a brighter, crisper aiming point. Other sights have a hazy glow that makes it harder to focus, while DP sights provide the finest image. The optic was recessed by counter-boring the blade. This minor distinction concentrates the light in the eye, making it not just brighter but also clearer. A fully cradled optic has a longer life expectancy. The fiber-optic sights' light-gathering ability makes them suitable for low-light use as well.

Additional Features Of The Dawson Front Sight Include:


  • The counter-bored optic maintains a clear and bright sight picture.
  • Both red and green extra optics are included.

The goal of sights is to be seen, and for optimum visibility and accuracy, the world's best shooters opt for this design. The Dawson Front Sight is, nonetheless, suitable for both novice and intermediate shooters.

It also fits well, boasts knife-like edges, perfect serrations, and accurate click adjustments. Dawson Fiber Optic Sights Sights also guarantee that your handgun will be zeroed. If they don't, get in touch with the company to find the ones who will.

A small amount of hand fitting is required, but if you follow the directions, you should have no problems. Your holster's sight channel may need to be enlarged.