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Cajun Gun Works

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cajun Gun Works?


1. Muzzle flip of the Cajun gun is reduced by a very low profile slide with a low bore axis.

2. A pistol with 19 round magazines that are around the same size as a Glock 17

3. Excellent single-action trigger pull with almost little over-travel.

4. Exceptional precision


1. Each factory Cajun gun works magazine can be pricy. You can buy the Cajun Gun works Great quality products directly from Just add the item to the cart, follow the instructions for payment and your order will be on its way within the shortest possible amount of time.

2. The upper edge of the extended magazine release is sharp

3. Factory sights are in the Novak style of the

1980s (very slick with nothing to use to rack the slide if necessary)

4. Rack tapping is difficult due to the low profile of the slide (due to sights)

What Are The Benefits Of A Cajun Gun?

The proven Cajun Gun Works has the following advantages:

·   With the hammer depressed, moves the trigger 5 mm (almost 1/4 inch) backward.

·    Reduces the DA lock time by 15%, making the DA faster and more responsive.

·    Increases trigger leverage for a more “felt” DA trigger pull.

·    The Cajun gun can also be used as a quick reset for single actions.

·    Pre- and over-travel screws are included for a real custom fit to your CZ.

·    For a secure, ultra-reliable installation includes our HPIN hammer pin for use with Cajun gun works hammers, as well as our 75009 hammer pin (has a tiny shoulder or step) for use in all factories hammers.

·The pinnacle in comfort and longevity is the smooth-faced, heat-treated, “old-style” 85 CGW produced trigger in stainless steel, or you can upgrade to a black DLC coated trigger for an extra cost.

Tips on Easily Installing the Cajun Ammo Short Reset System (SRS-2) Kit for SP01 (Manual Safety)

Materials and Tools Used:

Hammer and Punch Set by Wheeler Engineering, Bench block made of electrical tape, Smart Mat by Real Avid, SRS-2 Kit from Cajun ammo, use a basic Allen wrench to remove grips and CLP

1.      Remove the slide

2.      Cock the hammer in SA

3.      Pull the trigger all the way back while pressing down on the trigger bar.

4.      In SA, the hammer should be fully cocked, and the trigger should be held all the way back.

5.      Slowly advance the trigger and keep an eye on the two humps in the trigger bar; one will jump sooner than the other.

6.      The trigger bar support spring (#34) on the one who jumps up first has too much "up" tension.

7.      Little by little, bend the #34 down until both sides of the trigger bar pop up at the same time.

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