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What Is The Importance Of The Beretta APX Trigger?

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Where Is The Beretta APX Trigger Primarily Used?

The Beretta APX semiautomatic pistol features a modular, serialized chassis frame that can be easily customized with replaceable grip frame housings and is easy to disassemble and repair. The APX was developed with ease of use as a primary goal.

The APX's snag-free, ultra-low-profile design makes it simple to carry and draw from the holster. The magazine release button on the APX can be simply reversed to accommodate the right or left-handed operation. Modern thermoplastic technology is used to create the light, sturdy grip frame housing, which is made of technopolymer reinforced with fiberglass.

The pistol's contoured, snag-free surfaces make holster insertion and extraction a breeze. The squared-off Beretta APX trigger upgrade guard serves as a support surface as well as a mounting area for accessories. To ensure a safe and sturdy grip, the grip has grooved finger rests. Every control is flush with the polymer frame, but it is always accessible and operable.

Introduction to the Great Beretta APX Trigger Kit

Using the CZ factory disconnector with the Apex Trigger and Slide Plate Cover will produce a more defined trigger break at striker release and a draw weight of approximately 5.5 lbs. for a higher duty/carry trigger.

The Apex Slide Cover Plate is an engineering product intended particularly to operate with the Apex and factory components to enable optimum trigger function in both Beretta APX trigger upgrade installation choices.

To replace the factory polymer trigger, the trigger kit includes an aluminum trigger body with pivoting safety in the center and a grip safety spring. The Beretta APX trigger kit will lower the trigger pull weight to around 5.0 to 5.5 pounds after installation while keeping all factory safety parameters.

What Are Some Cool Safety Features In The Beretta Pistol?

Deactivation Button for Strikers

The internal striker mechanism of Beretta APX guns can be deactivated before disassembly, which is a unique feature. This implies the handgun can be field stripped without having to pull the Beretta APX trigger.

Safety Triggers

If the pistol is dropped, the trigger safety prevents the trigger from moving backward due to inertia. The trigger safety is instantly disengaged when the Beretta APX aftermarket trigger is purposely pressed.